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Twilio Roadshow a must attend for those focused on customer communications

Still time to get to a Twilio Customer Experience Roadshow near you
Still time to get to a Twilio Customer Experience Roadshow near you

Perhaps no field is more fluid these days than the discipline most people refer to as customer service.

Yes, there are a few of those radio talkshow types that refer to it as "customer disservice," but with advances in technology and the "I want it now" world we live in, businesses have been forced to "put up" or "shut up" when it comes to interacting with their customers.

Twilio, a cloud communications company is here to help, and the roadshow is a day-long introduction to where the industry is headed.

Where it's headed:

- Businesses are will use messaging and voice to engage and communicate with customers. This no longer costs hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars. Cloud communications makes all this possible by offering workable and scalable services with pay-as-you-go pricing. Businesses can afford this and it's becoming a "must have."

- Customers will be empowered thanks to companies like Twilio.

- The time between seeing a business need and delivering the required IT solution to solve or address that need will become hours and days rather than months and years. Along with this, the technology used will change rapidly.

- Customers expect more. They expect that any needed information, service, or possible product is available on any device, in context, and asap.

- Time is of the essence now and moving into the future. Customers want what they need, now!

Per Twilio, here is what they have going on:

(It is expected that) developers and businesses can innovate, prototype, build, deploy and change their communications systems easily — keeping pace with customer needs and bringing ideas to market faster than ever before.

The Twilio software and cloud-based platform powers a range of communications solutions. Everything from complete call centers to work scheduling applications, from mobile marketing and lead management to tools that improve security.

Twilio provides advantages over old world communications approaches:
It’s Flexible - Build communication solutions that fit your specific needs.
It’s Agile - Get the ability to respond quickly to changing business needs.
It’s Adaptable - Develop new capabilities that fit with your current infrastructure.
It’s Economical - Realize solutions that are simple and cost effective to maintain.
It’s Innovative - Enjoy the freedom to rapidly prototype and rollout new things.

Innovative start-ups, including Uber, Box and Airbnb, use Twilio to create great customer experiences—so do enterprises like local Atlanta based Home Depot and Coca-Cola Enterprises.

Companies like Coca-Cola and Home Depot are two large companies on board with Twilio.

Home Depot leveraged Twilio to stand up a call center in 8 weeks.

Coca-Cola Enterprises uses Twilio to help manage over 600,000 coolers and vending machines and about 600 technicians to keep those machines stocked and up and running.

See all that Twilio has going on at

Check out what is happening with the Engineering the Customer Service roadshow at:

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