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'Twilight' stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson caught kissing in Montreal


  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    i think they are very sweet, and i am happy for them.
    now that the fans, and media have the 'outside of a movie kiss photo' i hope that they leave them alone. i know they won't, but i understand how the two of them don't want to advertise their relationship that much.
    cute pics though!

  • Profile picture of Lynn Hayes
    Lynn Hayes 5 years ago

    " while....real stars (and real men) go unnoticed....." What would you know about whether Viggo Mortenson or Robert Pattinsen is a "real man"? You've been to bed with both of them? No? Then what would qualify you or motivate you to judge?

    And as for who's a "real star", both men owe their current fame to blockbuster fantasies. The Ring series actually was aimed at a twelve-year-old-demographic; the Twilight series at a seventeen-to one-hundred group. You don't snicker at Mortenson, though, because his big movies were aimed at BOYS. Because Twilight was a fantasy for GIRLS (and anyone who was ever a girl) you think you have to smirk.

    Pattinson's good looks also seem to make reviewers feel they have to scoff, but Mortenson is just as pretty (if a bit more weather-beaten by now) and Pattinson, as proved by Remember Me, is just as fine and serious an actor. Mortensen's career since "Ring"--mostly small, gritty, independant movies--is just what Pattinson should have and will, if the reviewers will just can the sexism, quit stigmatising him for Twilight, and start judging him on the quality of his work.

  • Profile picture of Kara Hughes
    Kara Hughes 5 years ago

    Aww!! I knew it wouldn't take long for the Twi-Hard hate to come along after this article! I am honored!
    I love all of your points, I hope Pattinson can prove that he is a great actor with great range for many years to come. For me, that has not happened yet but I look forward to and am open to being proved wrong. As for comparing the Twilight saga to LOTR ... that is like comparing apples to oranges. I can not even entertain that type of comparison.
    thanks Lynn!

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    All i can say is "Finally"! The chemistry between them was obvious from the start of The Twilight Saga. I think its time people just let them get on with their lives, there young and in love. Maybe now they dont have to hide their relationship from the public and enjoy being together.

  • Profile picture of Solomon Skolnick
    Solomon Skolnick 5 years ago

    Good for them :)

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