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Twilight's zone

Kitty Cat Klub in Dinkytown
Kitty Cat Klub in Dinkytown
photo by Lori Wilson

Lesbian event, Twilight, was packed last night at the Kitty Cat Klub in Dinkytown.  Women filled the dance floor and the outdoor patio.  It was shoulder to shoulder around the bar.

Twilight housed a great mix of women: some single some not, older and younger, butch and fem. There was also a great mix of music, then and now, MJ to Gaga, thanks to D.J. Shiek.

This $7 cover event was the place for queer women to be.  But if you didn’t have your ID with, you were turned away…so ladies remember to bring it with you every time you venture out.

The place was full by ten and was busy all night with more arriving at one am. It was a perfect night for hanging out with your gal and your fellow queers.  And single women who are fed up with online dating, this is the number one place to meet women!

So what’s the difference between Twilight and Boobytrap? The venue. Can’t say we don’t miss Dollhouse at The View, but quite a few say they prefer Twilight’s Kitty Cat Klub to Boobytrap’s The Bolt Underground. The View is more an upscale lounge atmosphere, Kitty Cat Klub is retro, laid back, and eccentric, and Bolt is like your harder core basement hideaway.  None offer great parking, but then this is Minneapolis after all, and it’s always smart to take a cab now and again.

Get in Twilight’s zone and get informed before the next events by connecting on facebook with TwilightGirl Mpls.

Hope to see you OUT next time! 


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