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'Twilight': Reading between the lines



  • Barbara Friedman 6 years ago

    Interesting and insightful. I like this writer's style and observations.

  • Heidi Elizabeth 6 years ago

    It really makes you think about all the TV episodes, books, magazine articles and pictures, movies, etc. that basically tell women that they need to rely upon a man. Not many things out there that the woman can stand on her own two feet w/o a man by her side. I think society needs to broaden its horizons :)

  • Karen Bresnahan 6 years ago

    This article is well written and I like the way the author identifies the problem with female and male roles, especially because of the audience of young women it reaches. Although Twilight is intreging, it does portray and young girl's dependence and obsession, which is unhealthy in real life.

  • Gary 6 years ago

    In fiction, we only care about characters who have power. Bela's power is her ability motivate & manipulate her undead boyfriend. Sorry, but that's pretty sick. What's even worse is what the story's popularity says about our culture.

    A vampire tale is an odd way to create an allegory, but Meyer infused this story with the gender roles promoted by her religion. If you agree with those gender roles, then you shouldn't have an issue with the social messages in her story. If you like Twilight and don't agree with those gender roles, then perhaps you're a shallow reader just interested in the necrophilia aspect of dating the undead.

    There are plenty of other stories that are far more deserving of your reading time.

  • Lisa H. 6 years ago

    I had never thought of Bella's situation the way this writer has laid it out for us. I definitely agree that Bella fits the unflattering stereotype of an infatuated/obsessed girl - and that it is an unhealthy relationship between her and Edward. I hope that young women, or teen girls, don't romanticize about an obsession-based, stereotyped romance!

    The author of this article does a great job at "reading between the lines," and pointing out to me some things that I obviously overlooked! Great article - I look forward from hearing more from this writer.

  • Devon 6 years ago

    Though I understand the points about Bella's feelings and actions regarding Edward and how some could view them as negatively as dependence, I disagree. It is a common story, both on page and in life, for a man to be in love with a woman who shows some interest, but is not into it as much as he is. When the man will not leave the woman the man is not necessarily viewed as dependent. Is it not possibly empowering to have a woman who knows what she wants and won't settle for less?

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