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Twilight by Stephenie Meyer
Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

You cannot escape Twilight. It is everywhere. It has massive appeal. Add to the fact that it was only first published in 2005 and has already spawned a franchise complete with three more titles added to the series, a graphic novel interpretation of the first book, "Team Edward" lunch boxes and two feature films (another one just having wrapped production is due out this Summer); you cannot deny that this is a good book.

It was hard to believe that all of this came from first-time published author Stephenie Meyer. Kudos to her for having achieved such success.

The actual writing style of Twilight is very good. It has a good sense of humor about it. It never takes itself too seriously. It's witty, with a good dash of sarcasm and satire thrown in. The over-all world which Meyer created is very realistic. All you have to do is close your eyes and you can picture yourself in the Pacific Northwest. It can be a good escape from everyday urban life.

Most of the characters are very interesting.

However, the main problem, is the relationship between Edward Cullen and Isabella Swan. In this first novel in the series, their relationship is somewhat disturbing. This kind of relationship is not exactly romantic, normal and acceptable. In reality, a relationship such as this is very unhealthy.

Bella is co-dependent and insecure. Rather than being sensitive to her feelings, as well as her needs; Edward negatively reinforces the beliefs she has about herself by calling her names like "ridiculous". She is completely obsessed with him; fawning and gushing over him. The mere mention of him leaving her and she has a panic attack. He constantly has her in hysterics, thinking that he is actually going to leave. She clearly has abandonment issues, giving him power over her; which he gets off on. He is jealous, possessive, controlling, distant, withdrawn, brooding and fatalistic. He willfully withholds love, affection and support; which makes her work harder for it and believe she is doing something wrong.

As soon as Bella caught Edward's eye, before they actually became a couple; technically, he began stalking her. As in, he snuck into her bedroom and watched her sleep at night.

Obsession is not love.

Jealousy is not love.

Possession is not love.

Control is not love.

Stalking is not love.

Would you date someone like Edward?

Conclusions, this is a good book. Yet, by all means, do not use it as a guidebook on relationships.


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