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Twenty-Three Year Old Dylan Howard Creates a Masterpiece of Film

Twenty-three year old NY film academy graduate, Dylan Howard has produced a very unique and original thirty-five minute short called “King of Oneiros”. He refers to the project as his graduating degree thesis.

Film stills
Dylan Howard
Visually stunning
Dylan Howard

Dylan Howard is also the creator of White Nights Film Company and he intends to create his first feature length film about Atlantis ( a visual fantasy at that) as soon as he can. He is a very ambitious filmmaker it took him six days to complete “King of Oneiros” which in itself is a surrealistic journey into the fantasy world of Dylan Howard who obviously knows his stuff, as his visual effects are quite stunning.

He is also running a non-profit company Caterpillar Film Initiative, in order to give back to his community. He spends his time between NYC and Brookville, Maine which is his private, pristine environment which helps him find his creative spirit in which to add to his vision and helps with his creative work.

As a student he directed a few documentaries for PBS and his artistic vision began at a very early age. Most of his films are based on his own visual dreams and vivid imagination. He obviously has leadership ability because he created an event that included a crew of thirty NY film academy students who all helped him produce and create his “King of Oneiros” short film.

There are people calling “King of Oneiros” his “masterpiece” film and he is honored to have created something so worthwhile to be called such a highly honored film for a recent film school graduate. With this kind of attention we hope Dylan Howard will have much more to communicate to us through his future films.

As for his future he is planning on making a feature length film based on the mysticism of Atlantis and using his visual talent to produce and direct a truly original project that I am quite certain he will finish and create yet another masterpiece in film. Look for him online, his work is a tribute to all of us who have an imagination and wish to create such projects that are worthwhile and truly unique and ingenious in their simplicity and innocence.

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