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Twenty-six Sandy Hook memorial Christmas trees were there on the day of shooting

Firehouse across the driveway from Sandy Hook School
Firehouse across the driveway from Sandy Hook School
D.C. Clothesline

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Dean Garrison, editor of the blog, D.C. Clothesline, noticed an interesting anomaly while viewing videos of the alleged Sandy Hook shooting. While examining videos, he noticed that the 26 Christmas trees donated after the shooting were at the school on the day of the shooting.

Dean writes that on the day of the Sandy Hook massacre, parents of the school’s students were sent to the volunteer fire station next to the school, presumably so that they wouldn't be in the way of the police and first responders who had converged on the school. (See photos)

As James Nye reported for the Daily Mail, on Dec. 15, 2012, while watching the media’s TV coverage of the shooting, an anonymous benefactor “was moved” to donate the trees when he saw an advertisement for a Christmas tree sale at the Sandy Hook fire department.

At around 3 p.m. on Dec. 15, “firefighters began unloading the 26 trees and placed them out down the road in a line . . leading towards the tragic school.”

Newtown residents came by to pay respects, including Daniel Brown who came to lay a wreath and was also touched by the Christmas gesture, “We felt the need to come here with our children and this is a wonderful way to honor the young children who died.”

You may say: “Well, of course the trees were at the fire station before the anonymous man donated them because – DUH! – the station was planning to have a Christmas tree sale!” Dean believes there’s just one thing wrong.

The Sandy Hook fire station had EXACTLY 26 Christmas trees the day before the anonymous donor so generously donated 26 Christmas trees to remember the 26 victims. Also, if they were selling them, why were they hidden behind the station? What a great coincidence…26 trees EXACTLY for 26 victims.

Look at the expanded closeup shot of the yellow circle — a screenshot I took from the aerial footage of the fire station on the day of the massacre, Dec. 14, 2012, showing two rows of cut Christmas trees “hidden” behind the fire station.

Is this coincidence a really big deal? No. But when we also consider other the lack of evidence such as no photos, no videos, no witnesses, no survivors, no blood and gore, no cleanup, no doctors at the scene, etc., it smells of a hoax for the purpose of pushing gun control.

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