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Twelve-year-old girl hit and dragged by vehicle near Henderson Middle School

El Paso Motherhood Examiner
El Paso Motherhood Examiner

Earlier this morning a young girl was hit by a van while trying to cross the street using a marked crosswalk. She was dragged 30 feet by an unlicensed driver. The female driver claimed she didn’t see the twelve year old because the sun’s glare was in her eyes.

The young girl, who was walking to school at the time, is expected to fully recover after suffering cuts on her head and face. The accident occurred early this morning on Robert Alva near Henderson Middle School which is likely where the girl attends school. The driver was cited by the police for driving without a license as well as for failure to yield to a pedestrian in the crosswalk.

Though it appears to have been an unfortunate accident (thankfully, the child will recover), as parents this can be both scary and infuriating news. El Paso school have crosswalk guards each school day when our children get out of class. Maybe this situation could have been helped by having crosswalk guards available in the morning when kids are on their way to school.

Source: KTSM Channel 9 NBC affiliate News