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Twelve things you can recycle using USPS

Both bottle caps and shoes can be recycled through the mail.
Both bottle caps and shoes can be recycled through the mail.
Photo by George Frey/Getty Images

In the Cleveland area, we are blessed to be able to recycle so much and have such an easy waste removal process. Most communities here use the easiest curbside bin method. Even if you have to haul your recyclables at a drop off location, you can still recycle plastic types one through seven which is rare in Ohio. However, there are so many other items that end up in our trash bins that aren't included with our recycling. What about batteries or light bulbs? The bottle caps you take off for plastic bottle recycling and put in the landfill can be recycled through the mail as well as so many other items! Below is a short list with links to many Earth 911 sites and others which tell give you even more information on ways to recycle unwanted items. Also check out both Earth 911's Recycling Search Engine and Trash Backwards which both contain so much more information on how and where to recycle other waste.

Bottle caps

Christmas lights

Light bulbs




Extension cords

Ink and Toner

Eye glasses




You do need to pay shipping costs for nearly all of these recycling programs. Very few also require a small fee. Isn't knowing that your waste won't end rotting in the landfill worth a few bucks spent at the Post Office?

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