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TweetDeck is a desktop browser just for Twitter

TweetDeck application home page
TweetDeck application home page

TweetDeck is an application that becomes your personal browser for following Tweet streams and organizing your contacts. Whether you use Windows or Mac, this is a tool worth looking at for making your Twitter experience a good one.

Go to TweetDeck and download to your computer.

Once you've downloaded the application you will be asked to enter the social media account you want to connect with. It's recommended that at this point you use your Twitter account. Once you become comfortable with using Twitter and TweetDeck, you can add your other social media accounts as you see fit.

Now you'll be asked to set up columns and within those columns you can select the Twitter users you want to follow. For example, you may have a column named Mentions. Here is where you put your own account name to follow, in addition to specific users that you want to be sure to always see when their Twitter name is mentioned in a tweet.

While setting up TweetDeck, go ahead and select to have a shortcut and icon put on your main screen. This way you can simply click the icon and get an immediate update of all your Twitter streams and contacts every time you turn on your computer.