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Tweet from AdDuplex chairman suggests LG are returning to Windows Phone

LG Logo outside of the LG Headquaters
LG Logo outside of the LG Headquaters
wepty - Wikimedia Commons

Now that Microsoft has made significant changes to the Windows Phone operating system with Windows Phone 8.1, many manufacturers in the industry are starting to take interest in the platform once again. After a long absence from the Windows Phone scene, it seems that LG might be making a return to the platform. On July 25 Alan Mendelevich of AdDuplex (a cross-promotion platform for Windows Phone) tweeted that a new LG device has been spotted out in the wild.

AdDuplex releases monthly reports on both Windows Phone software, and Windows Phone hardware, and with its latest report about to hit the market, Mendelevich posted this message on his Twitter feed this morning. “AdDuplex Stats Teaser: LG D635 WP8.1 720p 5” spotted.”

During the Mobile World Congress show in February, Microsoft revealed that LG would become a new hardware partner for Windows Phone. LG had previously been a partner with Microsoft during the days of Windows Phone 7, but after disappointing sales and performance with their first device on the platform, the LG Quantum, the South Korean giant decided to pull out of the partnership with Microsoft.

Earlier on this year, @evleaks posted a render of a phone from LG that showed what appeared to be the companies first Windows Phone 8 device, but @evleaks later stated that he believed the renders were fake leading many to believe that LG would not re-enter the Windows Phone market, but the information that has been released today has many hopeful of a return to the platform from LG.

The information in the tweet from, Mendelevich suggests that the new phone from LG will be a 5-inch smartphone with a 720p display. The two specifications listed suggest that the new device will be a low to mid-range device with Windows Phone 8.1 on board. Releasing a phone into the low to mid-range category certainly seems like a sensible move as LG breaks back into Microsoft’s ecosystem, but competition in that segment is incredibly tough, especially with the vast amount of Nokia Lumia devices that are already available.

Many Windows Phone fans will be hoping that LG’s return to the fold will be long lived, and that hopefully LG will decide to release a flagship device on the platform. We all know that LG is now one of the most respected handset makers in the industry after the success of last year’s LG G2, and this year’s LG G3 devices that run on Google’s Android software.

There is no doubt that the Windows Phone platform is crying out for a new flagship device from someone other than Nokia, and with the cancellation of Microsoft’s Project McClaren, now would be the perfect time for another vendor to step up to the plate with a smartphone to challenge flagship devices on Android, and of course the Apple iPhone.

Source: WPCentral

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