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Tween Pop Singer, Sierra Jean: She Said, He Said

Sierra Jean: She Said, He Said
Sierra Jean: She Said, He Said
Johnny Pena

Tween pop singer, Sierra Jean, is the big sister in her family; but when she’s on the set of a production, she takes instructions from her little sister, Sydney. Sierra Jean, 12, is one of Hollywood’s up and coming tween pop music stars on the rise.

Sierra’s secret to success lies in her passion for music, hard work and the close relationship that she has with her little sister, Sydney. An accomplished author at the age of 9, Sydney has published 5 books in the field of children's literature. On top of being a professional writer, Sydney has the eye for the director’s chair where she produces original film shorts after school or on the weekends.

The talented sister duo recently traveled to Hollywood, California by the invitation of a few industry veterans where they had the opportunity to work on the set of a live professional music video shoot complete with top of the line props, makeup artists, camera crews and all the works of a major music video production. 9 year old Sydney walked on the set to check her sister’s makeup making sure that it was natural looking. It was a big day for both girls. It was Sierra’s first Hollywood shoot and Sydney’s first time working as the co-director on a large shoot. As Sydney sat in the director’s chair, she kept her eyes on her big sister, Sierra, in position at center stage giving her cues as they produced multiple scenes of Sierra’s new pop music video, “She Said, He Said”, complete with impressive choreography, bright set designs, and trendy wardrobe choices.

The video centers on the story of a school girl, who sings about her friends, bullies, BFF’s and the ups and downs of growing up. With the music video scene changing in trends to more content driven production styles, this video is predicted to grab the attention of kids across America.