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Tween language: are you confused?

Tween language changes with the times

Tween language

Do you remember what the expression “cool” meant? When you were a tween, you had your own language with your friends. That changed when the next generation became preteens and then teens, and on and on. Today tweens have another vocabulary, and it isn’t easy to follow.

Parenting Teens has come up with A Teen Slang Dictionary: Teen Slang Resources for Parents of Teens by Denise Witmer ( Here are some of the expressions; you may already be familiar with some of them.

BFF – Best Friends Forever.

Bounce – To leave.

Chillin’ – Relaxing.

Dope – Cool or awesome.

Fly – Boys referring to girls they think are good looking.

Hater or h8er - Refers to someone who hates everything and is pessimistic.

Hardcore – Intense (usually good experience, but used when something bad happens to friend).

My bad – My mistake.

OMG = Oh my gosh or oh by G-d.s l

Sick or Ill – Description of someone or something cool or awesome.

Tight – Close in a relationship.

Tool – Geek or stupid.

Wanksta – Person who tries to act tough, but can’t pull it off.

Chillaxin – Cross between chillin’ and relaxing.

If you go on , you will find language translations specifically from tweens. For example, instead of asking if you are done talking, the tween will say, “dude, shut your mouth.” If you want to ask, “are you okay?” you say “dude, u ain’t lookin soo good.” To describe a girl or boy you think is cute, it translates into “man, that dude/chick is makin’ me sweat.” “Bro, is it 1, a, dose, adios, or what” means is the answer number a or not. Confusing? It certainly is for us, but not for them.

To test your own understanding of tween language, go on, and you can take a quiz. They also supply a teen glossary. has an article about teens and their language. How You Talk Shapes the World: Girl Speak We Love mentions how teenage girls are developing their own “speak.” Totes means totally. Cray-Cray is more than just crazy. interviews stars like Debby Ryan, Disney star, in Los Angeles.

Get going and familiarize yourself with some of the expressions that confuse you. In addition, you probably won’t know most of the initials they use to text. Think of it as a challenge. The better you understand your child’s language, the easier it will be to communicate. Have fun!

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