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Tweaking and expanding Safe Routes to School in Sugarcreek Township/Bellbrook

What can be done to improve the safety of children?
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Safe Routes to school, since its construction and opening, has provided Bellbrook students a safe passage across Feedwire Road. But is the design everything that it could be to ensure the safety of your child? According to the Township officials, the pedestrian signal needs replaced to improve the visibility and directional instructions.

The Bellbrook school district alerted Sugarcreek Township of a problem with the traffic signal and the Township, ODOT, Greene County, and the school district are moving forward to correct the issue prior to the commencement of school in the fall.

“There is a messed up sign that is referencing a different type of push button signal that isn’t there at the crossing on Freedwire. That crossing needs to be removed and a correct sign needs to be put in place,” said Sugarcreek Township Administrator, Berry Tiffany. “Right now, there is a button to push, but all it does is get the light flashing. There is no pedestrian head that has a countdown clock, which is indicated by the sign that is posted. So, it doesn’t match up.”

The real problem with the current sign is that even though the lights are flashing, drivers may not see them and may not be slowing down.

“I drove down there the other day,” Trustee, Nadine Daughtery said. “I noticed it flashing.”

But, that is not always the case. The current lights are solar powered and depending on the time of the day, the lights are not the brightest. Also, the flashing sign on the north side of Feedwire Rd. is too far off the lane of traffic and with some overgrown trees, the visibility of the flashing light diminishes even more.

“We plan to do a retro fit with LED lighting, making the lights brighter and can easily been seen. This will give people more notice and warning of when to slow down and when to stop,” Tiffany said. “So we are going to move it closer to the lane of traffic and trim some trees to increase the distance on that.”

The Township also announce the receipt of an additional $191,000 grant money was received for the next phase of the “Safe Route to School” program that will allow them to connect the current path through Eden Meadows. With this additional grant money, Sugarcreek Township has received a total of $1.5 Million for the “Safe Route” program.

We can expect that in the fall, when school resumes, that this will be fixed,” Tiffany continued. “It’s not going to be perfect, but unless we have a traffic light that will actually stop traffic, it won’t ever be perfect. But, once people get used to it being there, it should work out.”

For more information regarding the “Safe Route” program, contact Sugarcreek Township or visit their website at

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