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Twas the day before back to school - a poem for parents

Back to School
Back to School
cyntnews productions

Twas the day before back to school, when all through the house. Mom and children were stirring and so was the spouse. There were still school clothes to buy, not to mention supplies. OMG, how this day crept up on me! Boy, how time flies.

What store should I visit? Where’s that paper for a sale. Oh no! I missed it. Those deals were in last week’s mail. The class supplies call for book covers, dividers and glue. And 70-count notebooks in the colors, red, yellow and blue.

And yes, those must-have disinfectant wipes for germs. So students can stay healthy in time for midterms. What else is on that supply list? How can I forget the storage box? For crayons, markers and pencils, and for that dry eraser board—the teacher says, use a sock.

Great! Socks! It’s one less thing I’ll need to buy. A few are fitted with natural air conditioners. It seems they multiply. The backpack is filled and all ready to go. With the first day of school clothes laid out in a row.

The alarm clock is set for that back-to-school bedtime routine. Those summer days of extended hours are now only a dream. So, the countdown is on. Reinforce those summer enrichment programs for your up-and-coming engineer. Parents, be engaged. Make sure you volunteer!

Twas the day before back to school© By: Cynthia Barnes Booker

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