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Twakeover 5 heats up Oslo nightclub

crowd grooving to the music
crowd grooving to the music
Martin Smith

With Twitter running ramped throughout cyberspace, it’s only fitting that someone capitalizes on its success. A small group of friends and business associates decided to create a “Twakeover” just five months ago to help connect the names they’ve seen on Twitter to real life faces. Each month the party celebrates tweeters birthdays as well as chooses a host and DJ for the event – and it’s all for free.

Shannon DeVries and Kat Lemos are two members of the Twakeover team. DeVries, a music marketing guru, artist manager and journalist in her own right mixed with Lemos, the saucy owner and operator of Oslo nightclub and sushi bar created a concoction that has been working wonders for Twitter friends; making lasting relationships from something that started as a networking tool.

“The Twakeover is such an interesting event to me. It makes me realize although my twitter network is large, there are still a lot of people at the event that I haven’t connected with,” says DeVries. “Twitter and social networking is a huge phenomenon and the Twakeover helps it seem more personable and brings real life to the facelessness.”

This month was no different as DJ Graffiti kept it alive on the 1s and 2s, then turned them over to DJ DDT for a spin or two before taking ‘em back to give the bustling crowd a hit of reggae. Lemos, also a bartender at Oslo, did a fan favorite and blew fire while the crowd cheered her on and snapped a few photos.

In the dark corners of the small, basement-like setting friends gather to share intimate conversation while others share shots with their newfound buds. The Twakeover birthday girl for December jumped behind the bar to make her infamous “River Water” shot that, “looked mysteriously like the Detroit River,” says DeVries.

Host for the evening, Adrienne Williams, kept the party movin’ with her energetic quips throughout the night until the event wrapped up.

The Twakeover is always on the second Saturday of the month, so it’s a surefire guarantee that all of Metro-Detroit will have something to do at least one day out of the month. The next event will be held January 9, 2010.

Oslo is located on Woodward at John R, two blocks south of Comerica Park.


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