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TV reporter handstand: Julie Tremmel fired after doing handstand on air

A popular TV reporter was fired after doing a handstand on air. On Feb. 25, Yahoo! News reported that TV reporter Julie Tremmel was doing a piece on "America's Got Talent" and she decided to have a little fun with her report -- but apparently that got her canned. Fans of Tremmel are outraged and some have signed an online petition to try and get her job at WJAR Providence (Rhode Island) back.

"She had no intention of causing any problems. She was similar living in the moment. I, and many will never understand why she would be fired over something so silly. BRING HER BACK!!! (sic)," reads the petition.

The TV reporter's handstand wasn't the first thing that landed her in hot water. She previously did a "lighthearted" piece about bear survival techniques but was ripped apart for her silliness. Apparently some execs at WJAR don't appreciate Tremmer's humor and while she is very popular amongst viewers, some think that she brings down the station's reputation.

"I was terminated without cause from WJAR and my Union and I are fighting it through the grievance and arbitration process in our Contract with the Station," said Tremmel. A rep from WJAR declined to comment and the station has not explained their decision publicly.

Check out the TV reporter's handstand newscast in the video above. Do you think her antics were inappropriate?

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