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TV:Ellen Tipped Oscars Pizza Guy $1,000

We all enjoyed watching the Oscars on our Nashville TV over the weekend, and the crazy antics of host, Ellen DeGeneres made the show even more interesting to the many fans who tuned in to see their favorites. There were those who were nominated for the top movie awards and there were those who came just to be seen.

Photo by Handout/Getty Images

The Oscars' red carpet moments are always entertaining as we get to watch the same folks we loved on the big screen as they appear before us in 'real life moments' as they arrive, pose, get photographed or interviewed and then go on to take their seats among the glitter and the glitz of the current Hollywood stars.

Notwithstanding all of the awards for best motion picture, best male actor, best female actor, the world also got to see perhaps the most famous 'selfie' portrait ever taken when Ellen stopped by some of her friends and posed for a group photo, which went viral once posted on Twitter. It was the 'selfie seen 'round the world' and we got to see it all happening right in front of us as we watched from our living room sofas throughout the world.

Ellen also fed pizza to those attending and we have a video showing 'Ellen Tipped Oscars Pizza Guy $1,000' which we enjoyed seeing.

The video is no longer available but let us know what you think about it. Did this make the pizza guys day or what? Also, did he have to split his tip with the pizza place owner and cooks, etc.? Leave us your thoughts on the matter in the space for comments below.

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Note: the original video no longer available, but we have substituted another one.

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