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TV couple wedding theft: TV couple arrested for theft get a dose of 'reality'

My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding
My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding
Wedding rings / Wikimedia Commons

A TV couple took their wedding duties a bit too literally last weekend. The maid of honor, instead of being a caretaker of the wedding ring for the husband to be, decided to thieve it – and grabbed the bride’s wedding ring and about $1,000 bucks to boot on her way out.

High Point police in West Virginia arrested 22-year-old Eden Boswell and her husband, 24-year-old Elvis Boswell, both of whom made appearances on the reality TV series “My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding.” The TLC reality television series debuted in 2012 and featured weddings of American Roma gypsies.

The Boswells, from Princeton, West Virginia, were arrested and charged with felony larceny, due to the $6,000 value of the stolen goods. Evidently, Eden pulled the trite can’t-find-the-ring joke, and as most of those gags go, she knew where the rings were all along. In her case however, she and her hubby had no intention of returning them.

But the Boswells made one error – after stashing the bride’s purse and the rings in their car, they locked the keys inside, blowing their getaway. A witness saw Eden carrying the bride’s purse, and was able to identify her via Eden’s unmistakable angel wing tattoo on her back. Police found the items in their car and gave the sticky-fingered couple a dose of “reality” – handcuffing them and taking them away.

The High Point District Attorney in court this week said: “Eden Boswell, the defendant, stole the bride’s purse and took it to her truck where her husband Elvis Boswell was waiting. The couple then hid the purse in the back of the truck but accidentally locked themselves out of the truck before Elvis could leave.”

Incredibly, the bride and groom sealed the fate of their former friends by earmarking some of the $100 bills with the word “honeymoon” on them. When police searched the Boswell’s truck, they found the cash, and even found one of the bill’s stuffed inside of Elvis Boswell’s tux pocket.

All in all, the ceremony was delayed, but the rings were returned and the couple got hitched.

Another twist – Eden Boswell is pregnant. In court this week, Elvis, who has a record already of fraud charges, pleaded with Judge Holliday to consider a lesser bond agreement so that he could post bail.

“If it’s a problem with me going back to West Virginia and reducing my bond or anything, I can stay in the state of North Carolina with my grandmother and my dad,” Eden told the judge. “I’d be grateful if you could lower my bond so I can help get my wife out. Because she’s eight months pregnant as it is. So I would be really grateful if you could do that.”

It sounds like Judge Holliday stuck it to the reality couple. He set Eden’s bail at the exact dollar amount of the goods they pilfered – $6,100 – and increased Elvis’s bail to $10,000.

Said the D.A. in court: “Other family members were concerned about relatives of the suspects coming down from West Virginia to cause problems. The suspects are part of a gypsy clan and both, according to them, cause problems,” he said. “Both suspects confirmed they were part of a gypsy community and even bragged about being on the TV show ‘My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, Season 2.’ This was confirmed.”

The Boswells will return to court in August.

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