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TV Commercials last longer than Obama's concern for the lives lost in Kiev

As most of the world and every news channel was experiencing sheer disbelief that pro Russian rebels shot down a passenger liner over Kiev on Thursday, Mr. Obama could only lend a mere thirty eight seconds of his fund raising time to the fact that 298 people, 23 of them American, had lost their lives in a heinous act that is noting short of an act of war against the World by these armed thugs. It is shameful that the POTUS found it more important to continue his fundraising tour than manage the business of the American people.

Vladamir Putin should be held accountable not only to the US but to all of the G7 countries and sanctions should be imposed that inflict significant financial, military and political restrictions on the Putin administration. Mr. Obama should be leading the call for these sanctions, but it appears that he is doing nothing and allowing Putin and his thugs to walk away without even an apology, no matter how insincere it would be. These rebels are no different than Hamas, Isis, Boko Haram and the like, yet we waste millions of dollars and the loss of many patriotic and brave American soldiers in the hunt for these loose cannon terrorist groups. We hear their name mentioned so often by the Obama white house that their names have become recognizable by almost every American citizen. Yet Obama can only spend a mere thirty eight seconds to discuss the incident and then just glosses over it and goes on to tell the crowd of onlookers how well the country is doing and how he is the reason for it. He is all smiles and handshakes as he shuttles back to airforce one to move on to his next stop before finally heading back to the white house, and getting down to the business of making first contact with the soviet premiere as well as our intelligence assets in the region.

Mr. Obama again openly shows his disconnect with the American people, preferring instead to build the democratic war chest to keep a strangle hold on the office he has so diligently tarnished the image of on the world stage. Again many people are calling for his impeachment and prosecution for misconduct of office.

It is a sad commentary to this reporter that the average TV commercial lasts longer than Mr. Obama's concern for the lives lost in this horrific tragedy, perpetrated by some of the most dangerous terrorists in the world. I for one offer my heartfelt condolences to the families of all of the 298 lives lost in this tragedy.

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