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TV ad accuses Senator Barrasso of ignoring global warming's security threat

The veteran's group, based in Portland, Oregon, is launching ads to air on television 400 times in both Cheyenne and Casper, accusing Wyoming Senator John Barrasso of ignoring climate change's supposed threat to national security.  The ads also attack Barrasso's campaign financing and statements that global warming is not a threat.

VoteVets is a political action committee that supports veterans of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan who are running for office and by taking actions to impact America's 21st century servicemembers. 

Senator Barrasso, for his part, stated in the Tribune-Eagle

"The liberal, out-of-state special interest group paying for this ad does not represent Wyoming."

This reporter contacted VoteVets about the ads and asked how many Wyoming veterans are members of the organization. Eric Schmeltzer, a spokeman for the non-profit, says that while members' locations are not always recorded when they sign up, at least 80 members are from Wyoming, many of which are veterans.

The advertisement does not appear on the website, where many other commercials and Web presentations are available. 

Senator Barrasso, meanwhile, is ignoring the attack ads and has instead issued an attack of his own against the United Nation's climate chief, the IPCC's Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, whose financial background has recently come under fire for apparent conflicts of interest.  With the often-cited IPCC reports about climate change and global warming now being questioned as scandals in their data and methods emerging daily and with Climategate raging in the UK, the push for global legislation regulating carbon emissions is being stalled. 

With the fundamental data behind man-made global warming change coming under scrutiny, Barrasso says, "We need to get this right.  To continue to rely on these corrupted U.N. reports is an endorsement of fraudulent behavior.  It is a signal to the American people that ideology is more important than their jobs."





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