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Tutorial Thursday: Kiss tribal print nail stickers

Nail art stickers and appliqués by various brands are becoming more and more popular. These stickers and appliqués make achieving intricate nail art designs surprisingly simple. They come in a very wide variety from solid colors to designs featuring complex patterns and rhinestone embellishments.

A trendy nail look featuring fashionable tribal patterned nail art stickers by Kiss.
Photo by: Janel Lucas

The nail look featured in this post was completed with tribal print nail art stickers by Kiss. The stickers are used to create accent nails on the middle and ring fingers but could easily be applied to all fingers for an equally cute finished look.

Here’s a simple tutorial on how to properly apply nail stickers, strips or appliqués that will work for most types and brands.

  • To begin, properly prep your fingernails. Shape your nails so that they are even and neat.
  • Use a nail polish remover to get rid of any debris from filing or polish that may be on your nails. Natural oils on the surface of your fingernails can also prevent the stickers from properly adhering. So wipe your nails clean with nail polish remover even if you aren’t wearing polish.
  • Next, size the stickers up to your fingernails and lay them out in the order you will be applying them. This just helps your overall organization.
  • Once you have a sticker of the appropriate size matched up to each of your nails, begin to apply the stickers. Carefully peel a sticker off, place it at the base of your fingernail, towards the cuticle. Press the sticker onto your nail gently but firmly to make sure it adheres.
  • If there is excess sticker hanging off of the top or sides of your nails carefully file the excess away so that the sticker perfectly matches the shape of your nails. Repeat this until your nail look is complete.

In less than no time, nail art stickers can allow you to achieve fashionable, top quality looking nails.

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