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Tutorial: On Your Classic Twist Out & Bantu Knots

Hi Again. Here's another tutorial. I am demonstrating how to do a Classic Twist out on wet hair & Steps for Bantu Knotting below.

My twist out tutorial

This is just your classic twist out. Steps & Supplies used:

1. Co-wash and/or Shampoo hair
2. Deep condition, Instant conditioner or Hot oil Treatment (depending on condition of hair)
3. Towel dry (mildly-leaving it damp)
4. Add oil, and leave in conditioner (optional because hair will most likely be moist enough), Non-drying Gel/Pudding/Mousse/Setting lotion (optional-it just gives more hold/set), and have your water bottle ready to use as your hair will begin to air dry and you want to keep it damp while twisting)

5. Comb hair with large tooth detangling comb
6. Section hair (optional for more control while detangling)
7. Begin parting sections for double-strand twisting (in any direction you prefer-pay attention to how you would like your hair to fall/lay when dry)

8. The rest of the instructions are on the video above.

Here's the steps for a Bantu Knots set:

So this time, on my blown out hair, Here are my brief steps and experimenting recipe for Bantu Knots:

1. Section hair for better control
2. Use Very little Spritz/spray of water (optional)
3. Cantu Shea butter Moisturizing twist & lock gel (or product of your choice)
4. Fantasia iC Organic Shea Butter Moisturizing Serum ( or your choice of product)
5. Natural oils or moisturizing cream
6. Create 10-12 Bantu knots (single-strand twisting)
7. Cover hair with satin cap or scarf

Next morning:

7. Took down knots, separated them & Pin up the sides
8. Wallah!

One thing about giving your hair a break from wearing extensions or weaves, especially in the warmer months, is feeling the fresh (sought of fresh...) air breeze through my hair and scalp. Now that's exhilarating and liberating!

If you try this style using this method, I would love to know your outcome.

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