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Tutankhamun: The Golden King & the Great Pharaohs


The pharoahs of ancient Egypt will forever be remembered.  Some will be remembered because they shaped the destiny of their country; while others will be remembered because they did little except live and die in splendor.  Tutankamun falls in the latter category, but although he did not come close to leaving his mark on Egypt in the manner of Rames II, he was and is, for most lovers of all things Egypt, the first pharoah who comes to mind.  This is due to the fact that when his tomb was discovered,  it contained more wondrous artifacts than any other king.  The items that Howard Carter unearthed on February 16, 1923 were of a magnificence unseen for over 3000 years.  Carter gained celebrity on the scale of Brad Pitt for his discovery, and the fascination with Tutankamun has never waned.

The Denver Art Museum is extremely fortunate to be included in the exhibition of the art and artifacts of Tutankhamun: The Golden King & the Great Pharaohs.  This once-in-a-lifetime exhibit will begin on July 1, 2010, and will feature numerous treasures from King Tut’s tomb.  On display will be the largest image of the boy king, a 10-foot statue which was part of the remains found at the funerary temple, a canopic stopper, Tut's pectoral scarab, as well as his golden sandals which were on his mummy.  Many other breathtaking items from his tomb will also be on featured, but unfortunately, the golden mask will not be included in the exhibit.  The mask has been designated as a national treasure of Egypt, and will never again leave the country.  It is on display in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.  However, the golden mask, the solid-gold inner coffin, and 5,000 other artifacts are slated to be moved in approximately 2013, to their new home in the new museum, the Grand Egyptian, being constructed by the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities, next to the pyramids in Giza.  

Tickets are currently on sale for DAM members. All information for purchasing tickets is available on the DAM website.  This is the King Tut exhibit aficionados have been waiting for.  Do not miss the chance to take part in an event that will long be remembered.


  • Kristy Bassuener, Denver Art Museum 5 years ago

    Hi Betti -- Just a quick reminder that Early Bird discounted tickets for King Tut are available through Friday, April 30 for Denver Art Museum Members, with tickets as low as $14 for adults and $7 for youths.

    Becoming a DAM member now is a great value, with discounted Tut tickets and a year's worth of art experiences. You can get more information on membership at or by calling 720-913-0130. If you send me your email I am happy to provide more details.

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