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Tuscaloosa band the Dexateens will open for the Truckers In T-Town

Elliott McPherson of the Dexateens plays at Ashley Hill's birthday party at Egan's in June  2006.

Michael E. Palmer
Elliott McPherson of the Dexateens plays at Ashley Hill's birthday party at Egan's in June 2006. Michael E. Palmer

For the first time in history the Tuscaloosa-based band The Dexteens will share a stage with the Drive By Truckers in Tuscaloosa. The Dexateens have opened for the Truckers on other stages in the Southeast but never in Tuscaloosa.

The Dexateens play at the Booth on the Strip.
Michael E. Palmer

The bands play Saturday at the Jupiter Bar and Grill.

"People have always wondered why we haven't played together here in T-Town," said Dexateens front man Elliott McPherson.

McPherson attributes this anomaly to logistics.
"Either the clubs had an opening band already booked or there was a touring conflict." he said.

Jupiter Bar and Grill owner Jeremiah Jones said the bands' fans, himself included, have noted the lack of a Dexateens/Truckers show in Tuscaloosa.

"That was my main focus when I booked the show," he said.

Jones says the pairing makes sense not only from a fan point of view but from the business side too.

"It makes sense to me as a bar owner but that's not always the case with agents, management teams and promoters."

Jones noted that the Dexateens have played with the Truckers at other venues across the South.

"So why not in Tuscaloosa, in the Dexateens' own backyard," Jones said.

  "Dexateens fans are as excited about seeing the Dexateens as they are seeing the Truckers."

The Dexateens formed in Tuscaloosa in 1998 two years after the Truckers formed in Athens, GA.

In 1998 the Dexateens performed their first show at the now non-existent Chukker bar.

Since honing the sound that has become known as "skillet rock" the band has released five studio albums including the LP Hardwire Healing which was co-produced by Truckers front man Patterson Hood.

McPherson says the Dexateens will play a few songs Saturday from their newly recorded material, an as yet untitled and unreleased batch of 18 songs.

McPherson says the new material contains a lot of religious themes and imagery. "Sort of like a punk rock take on Southern gospel."

"The new record is`wide open. It's as rock and roll as we've ever been. It's high energy."

McPherson says after the two previous albums that he says were "approached with a slower hand," he wanted to show the fans that the bands' music isn't slowing down.

"I wanted to show people that we still had it in us."

The bands will play in Mobile Friday night then head North for Saturday's show at the Jupiter.

McPherson said he looks forward to opening for the Truckers in Tuscaloosa.

"We've been playing with these guys a long time. We've learned a lot from them over the years."

Michael E. Palmer has documented the Dexateens since they formed in 1998. Palmer can be reached at


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