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Turtleman in Tennessee: See him live in the Smokies

The Turtleman from Animal Planet's "Call of the Wildman," will be visiting the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee this summer. The Smoky Mountain Knife Works of Sevierville, Tenn., announced that Ernie Brown, Jr., will be signing autographs on July 26, and he will not be alone! His trusty sidekicks, Neal James and Jake Ison, will also be there. And, to keep these boys in line, the Turtlemom, Lola Brown, will be coming along, too.

Turtleman is coming to the Smoky Mountains of Tenn.

The Smoky Mountain Knife Works, located at 2320 Winfield Dunn Parkway in Sevierville, bills itself as the World's Largest Knife Showplace. The Turtleman is famous for always having his big knife handy in a holster strapped to his body at all times. He calls his knife "Thunder" because of the saying that if a turtle bites you, he won't let go until it thunders. So, he carries his own thunder.

Another bit of exciting news has leaked out about an upcoming episode of “Finding Bigfoot” on Animal Planet featuring none other than Turtleman himself! You can view the trailer here on the Bigfoot Research blog. It appears that the “Finding Bigfoot” team will return on June 8, and they will be going to Kentucky. Who better to help them than Turtleman. This season premiere promises to be an exciting merging of the two popular Animal Planet shows.

Despite some criticism from animal rights activists, “Call of the Wildman” remains one of the Animal Planet’s most popular television shows. Turtleman is a popular star in his own right, and has won quite a following since his debut on the network in 2011. In the last quarter of his first year, Turtleman’s show was the most popular show on Animal Planet.

Especially for residents of the Tri-Cities and Northeast Tennessee, Turtleman’s appearance in Sevierville will provide a chance to see these popular characters from “Call of the Wildman” without driving very far at all. Visitors to the Smoky Mountain Knife Works need to take Exit 407 on I-40. For more information, you can call (865)453-5871 or 1-800-251-9306. There is no indication of what time that Turtleman and his crew will arrive on Saturday, July 26. There is also no mention of whether Neal will play his signature banjo or not, but chances are he could be persuaded.

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