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TurtleDuck - An addictive Mario-style game Review

TurtleDuck screen shot
TurtleDuck screen shotna

TurtleDuck is a new title in the iOS store, which is compatible with both iPhone and iPad, as well as the iPod Touch. The game's objective is very simple; to save the sibling eggs by completing various puzzles and escaping different worlds. There are also some fierce bosses to be defeated along the way, but with a proper strategy and little exercise everyone can get past them. It's also to be noted that various obstacles bump in during the game progress, so gameplay is a little more than challenging after first levels. With this being said, here are the main highlights of the game:

Simple and very clear graphics plus innovative gameplay:

TurtleDuck comes complete with a delightful set of graphics which will remind players a little of the classical Mario game. Objectives are basically the same, to complete puzzle-like environments and escape the wrath of fierce bosses. However, unlike Mario TurtleDuck provides some innovative bonuses, such as extra lives along the way.

Various stages to complete:

TurtleDuck has no less than 36 long levels for players to complete. And while the first 3-4 ones may be seem easy due to the fact they are more of an introduction to the actual gameplay, the challenge begins to really show up after level 5. Once this stage is reached it becomes a lot more difficult to complete a level without dying and the bosses that show up along the way will certainly represent a challenge even for the more experienced players.

Put your strategy skills to test:

In this game it's not all about finding your way out of level, it's about collecting all sibling eggs each time. In some levels this can be really complicated, as these eggs are often hidden and protected by powerful opponents or traps. As a result, the higher levels will most probably require more than few tries to capture all the sibling eggs without dying. In spite of this, the whole process provides plenty of fun and doesn't allow anyone to get bored fast.


TurtleDuck is a very fun and addicting game for everyone who prefers to kill time every now and then. There is very little chance one will get bored with this game, especially when it comes to teenagers and kids. For only a low fee the game can be owned and played ad-free.