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Turtle Rock Studios releases nearly an hour of Evolve footage

Aside from a single reveal trailer, we haven't seen much of Turtle Rock Studio's Evolve as of late. Until today, that is.

Turtle Rock Studios

The team has released nearly an hour of footage, documenting the entirety of a 4-on-1 match. It's an incredibly detailed look at how each and every player and class will work: everything from how the monster evolves to how the trapper...well, traps the monster.

It's rare that we get such in-depth looks like this, but what's even better is that the video is 'interactive' - by turning on YouTube annotations, it's possible to switch between each separate viewpoint. If you wanted to watch how the Tank plays, just click on his annotation. It's even possible to turn the commentary off entirely.

For the uninitiated, Evolve is a multiplayer game in which 4 humans (or Hunters) try to bring down a single monster. While it might sound incredibly one-sided, the monster is able to evolve into new forms during the match itself - think of a boss character with multiple forms. By eating, hiding, and - when necessary - attacking, the monster's able to become incredibly powerful. You could say that, at a certain point, the hunted becomes the hunter.

There's no specific release date set for Evolve just yet, but as with all news this time of year, expect to hear more from the upcoming E3 media event.

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