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Turtle Rock Studios dives into next-gen with Evolve

New title by developer Turtle Rock Studios
New title by developer Turtle Rock Studios

In the reveal of Gameinformer's February magazine issue, they had promised a few days ago that a big bomb would be dropped on next-gen consoles. That reveal came Tuesday as it was announced that developer Turtle Rock Studios, the team behind Counterstrike and Left 4 Dead, have a new title it is working on for the newly released consoles. The new game, titled Evolve, will be published by 2K as it was acquired in the THQ, Inc. auctions from when the company went under in 2013.

Evolve will be released in Fall 2014, according to Gameinformer. Much like Turtle Rock's other two major releases, Evolve will be a multiplayer-focused game with a new concept in mind. A sci-fi shooter, the game will feature a four-player cooperative unit of alien hunters that will face off against a giant, player-controlled monsters that will grow stronger and larger over the course of battle. Every hunter will have their own unique items and abilities, and the monster itself will gain size and additional attacks throughout the battle to level the playing field.

Like Turtle Rock's previous titles, Evolve is being built with variety and replayabilty in mind; the result is a novel mix of cooperative and competitive multiplayer elements that's unlike anything we've played before.

You can read Gameinformer's online reveal of the game here. The game will be available across PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One platforms, so unlike these other titles in the past, it won't be an exclusive. The concept is something completely new, and when you have a developer that has proven itself time and time again, it is very easy to put faith into whatever concept they bring to the table. Stay tuned for more information in the future about Evolve.

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