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Turtle Rock beefing up staff for next gen title Evolve, here is what we know

Turtle Rock Studios, the team behind Left 4 Dead and the recently revealed Evolve, is looking to add talent to the studio in order to deliver their next gen shooter, according to the developers site.

The Goliath, one of Evolve's monster characters, is a "mess of bone, teeth, and tissue".
The Goliath, one of Evolve's monster characters, is a "mess of bone, teeth, and tissue".
photo via
Turtle Rock hiring for Evolve development, here's what we know so far
Turtle Rock hiring for Evolve development, here's what we know so far (photo via

The listings currently available are for Systems/IT Administrator, Engine Programmer, and Rendering Programmer, giving insight that the core leadership team is concrete, and now the goal is to start getting the game up and running for demo and testing phases.

Evolve was recently unveiled via GameInformer to be Turtle Rocks first big solo title that will hit PC, Xbox One, and PS4 later in the fall. Phil Robb, studio head for Turtle Rock, describes Evolve as,

a four versus one, cooperative, first person, third person shooter.

Evolve takes a unique yet somewhat familiar angle on the shooter and co-op idea. A team of four player controlled alien hunters will be stalking and attempting to neutralize a player controlled monster that grows larger and more difficult to fell throughout the course of matches. Players are able to play single player if they so choose, or with any mix of 1-5 players, where AI would fill the shoes of vacant player spots.

GameInformer released a developer diary styled interview describing a few aspects of the game, and clearing up a bit of Robb's statement. The hunters will be treated to the traditional first person view, while the player controlled monster will have a third person camera, allowing the monster to be a bit more aware and letting the player experience the raw power of the beast they control.

The hunters can quickly find the tables turned on them as the monster can become more powerful than even the hunters can control, making the hunter become the hunted. Hunt was revealed to be the core game experience, but Chris Ashton, fellow Studio Head at Turtle Rock, revealed that there will certainly be more game modes discussed at a later date. Ashton also reveled that the hunters may be able to be switched out or selected, a feature not available in Left 4 Dead. Ashton said of the characters,

Keep in mind there's a lot of different hunter characters that all have their own unique items and equipment. We have multiple monsters, they all have different themes, they all have different ways of navigating the environment, they all have different abilities.

Ashton's comments also could be interpreted to mean that the player controlling the monster will have choice over what monster they want to be, as opposed to being something locked in to a certain map or game mode.

GameInformer also showcased the first monster revealed by Turtle Rock, the Goliath. The first monster appears to be a powerhouse that if stood on hind legs would measure up in to the 30 foot mark. It's clear from the images that the Goliath is not to be taken lightly, as it can jump great lengths, and possesses immense strength. Those concerned that the monsters may not feel believable, or a bit too cartoon influenced can rest easy, as character modeler Brandon Yanez stated,

It’s not like a Silent Hill kind of horror, but it’s more of a James Cameron, Aliens style, where it just looks cool.

GameInformer is currently one of the only places to find a wealth of info, but surely as more becomes available and the developer looks to get more info out there, Examiner will be one of the first to jump on this extremely exciting title. At the time of this writing the only info available on the official Evolve site is preorder info, as well as the GameInformer links. Those looking to preorder are currently able to choose from Amazon, Gamestop, and Target. Check out the slideshow at the top for the official images released with the interviews, as well as the IGN quick hit about the titles announcement.

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