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Turquoise, the color of Summer 2011

$8.00 Single Stone Ring
$8.00 Single Stone Ring

I hopped on the train to NYC recently. As soon as I arrived in Grand Central Station I felt a burst of excitement rush over me. I could not wait to go shopping. Mind you, that was not the only reason why I visited the Big Apple however. Who can resist shopping in NYC? There are stores literally on every corner, packed to the seams. However my favorite places to shop in NYC are at the little tables on the sidewalk.

As my boyfriend and I strolled the streets a certain color kept catching my eye, turquoise. Every store featured a turquoise accessory in their display window. Each table had rows of those greenish-blue gems tucked between knock off sunglasses and DVDs. Even the women we walked by in passing were wearing turquoise. I felt as though this was a giant sign; I need to own a turquoisepiece of jewelry.

I have always had a soft spot for turquoise, the color is very unique. I especially love how it pairs wonderfully with the color red; however I (at the moment) I didn’t own anything turquoise. Needless to say, I bought (well, my boyfriend bought) a pair of turquoise earrings for $20 from a lady selling jewelry from a fold up card table. From the moment I put on those turquoise earrings, I was smitten.

Turquoise, the actual stone, is rare and can be a bit pricy. It is very commonly featured in Native American jewelry. The turquoise nugget is flecked with specs of grayish black and contains veins in the same color hue. Imitation turquoise looks very similar to an actual turquoise stone and is very budget friendly.

Jewelry featuring turquoise colored stones will add a fabulous pop to ANY outfit. Obviously it will look smashing as an accent to white, black or grey. However it also looks divine against red, yellow, pink, blue, or orange. Since the coloring of turquoise is very bright, I would suggest wearing it alone or with very simple jewelry (stud earrings, diamond ring, solid metal watch, or a thin chain necklace). Treat your turquoise jewelry as the star of your accessories.

Now, I won’t be giving you directions to the little stand in Manhattan where I found the $20 turquoise earrings; that would just be silly. However I will provide you with several turquoise earrings (and other jewelry) for under $20.

Turquoise is a gorgeous color that is perfect for this summer season. However don’t pack your turquoise jewelry away with your summer clothes. Turquoise is a wonderful color that can be worn year round. The best thing about turquoise is that it never goes out of style.


$5.00 Hoops

$12.00 Dangle

$14.40 Drop

$6.00 Studs

$10.50 Large Circle Medallion

$3.99 Cluster


$8.00 Single Stone

$18.40 Rectangle Turquoise Inlay in Silver

$12.00 Large Single Stone Adjustable


$15.00 Silver Mesh with Turquoise Stone

$10.80 Large Turquoise Stones set in Silver

$3.80 Crisscross Small Beaded Cuff


$14.00 Teardrop Turquoise stone with Tassel

$12.00 Wire Wrapped Turquoise Pendant

$9.99 Large Stones and Small Stones


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