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Turquoise bath fixtures, what to do?


Answering your Color questions.

Inject your old bath with new color

A reader from Mechanicsburg writes for paint suggestions for her bathroom.

Dear Color-Aide,

The toilet and the bathtub in my bathroom are deep dark turquoise while the surrounding wall has white ceramic tiles. The floor is light turquoise color. The sink and the cabinet are white.

I am looking for an advice on what color to paint the wall above the white ceramic tile (right now it has ugly wallpaper).

I am looking for color that will complement the dark turquoise on the bathroom fixtures and the light turquoise on the floor and white ceramic tile on the wall. Thanks!

Color-Aide answers.

You are fortunate to have turquoise fixtures in your bathroom, although you may not know it. Turquoise has been designated as "the color of the year for 2010".

The fact that you have white tiles is also a good thing. This is literally a blank slate for wall paint color.

I would love to see you add a light sage green to the walls above the tiles. Then add accent towels in the same shades of green.

The cool of the green beside the existing turquoise, will create a peaceful, relaxing color scheme.Instantly, your bathroom has the look and feel of a spa.

Add natural baskets with sea sponges, bath salts, and white candles and enjoy the relaxing feel. To create a beach resort feel, add a few starfish or shells you have collected on past vacations.

Another beautiful combination would be chocolate brown, if you have ample natural light in the room. Add brown towels and you ready to go.

Enjoy the new space.

Need advice on your color projects?

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