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Turnpike gets easier to use

Traveling on the Kansas Turnpike just got stunningly easier.
Traveling on the Kansas Turnpike just got stunningly easier.
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

There is only one turnpike in Kansas, and it is 225 miles long, from south of Wichita to Kansas City. Most day trips take you to the back roads, but most travelers jump on the turnpike when they need to make some time.

KTA officials announced today (June 11, 2014) they are making some changes to make that travel easier. You may now get a pass for free, as opposed to the normal $15 fee for the pass. The pass allows you to go through a lane that records your passing electronically, and to pass through without stopping and digging around for change.

The most prominent change is that sticker tags are now free and available at, or by calling the K-TAG customer service center at 316-652-2650, or at select retail locations.

Uses of the pass also get a discount on the fairs. You get a bill each month that is automatically taken from your credit card. Also gone is the monthly fee.

This will make the turnpike more appealing to those that only use it once in a while.

KTA officials also recently announced an agreement with Oklahoma, to allow people from both states to use their passes in either state. That program is set to be complete by the end of the year.

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