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Turning the page ... with apologies

Mayor Vincent C. Gray
Mayor Vincent C. Gray

While The Washington Post likes the way New Jersey Governor Chris Christie seeks to turn the page regarding his political controversy or “scandal”, it continues to read from the same worn pages in its editorial assault on D.C. Mayor Vincent C. Gray.

The Washington Post editorial board, publisher Ms. Katharine Weymouth, and District editorial writer Ms. Jo-Ann Armao’s attempts to parallel the "sincere" apologies of Governor Christie and D.C. Mayor Vincent C. Gray is like trying to transform their editorials into gospels. And under no definition of theological divinity can Ms. Weymouth or Ms. Armao be considered apostles with divine wisdom.

However, it does appear through continuing critical editorials relating to the 2010 mayoral campaign of Mayor Gray, Ms. Weymouth and Ms. Armao desire to transform into Pontius Pilate Roman-like prefect judges of apologies.

If there is to be a comparison made of leadership images ascribed to Governor Christie, the logical one would be the view of The Washington Post editorial as a newspaper bully using newspaper ink to harass, to intimidate, and to retaliate.

If there are lessons to be learned, it is clear Ms. Weymouth and Ms. Armao have not learned them. When it comes to incomplete apologies, few match incomplete apologies proffered by The Washington Post.

Ms. Weymouth and Ms. Armao display the ultimate intellectual hypocrisy willing to imply Governor Christie could not have known what his close political emissaries were planning and doing in his name.

Even as columnist Mr. Colbert King tried to point out The Washington Post editorials critical of former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell, it nonetheless has heaped praised on Mr. McDonnell’s overall administration accomplishments.

Through constant critical editorials, Ms. Weymouth and Ms. Armao are operating their own "secret campaign" on behalf Mayor Gray's opponents ahead of the District primary election. This barrage of negative editorials should be view as corporate campaign contributions. As for calling for open primary elections in the District, does Ms. Armao, a resident of Montgomery County, Maryland support "open primaries in her own political back yard?

Mayor Gray's initiatives such as a Sustainable DC, public education, economic development, human rights, transportation, jobs, minimum wage, and District fiscal stability/budget autonomy demonstrate his administration's accomplishments and his mayoral competency.

Following The Washington Post 2010 mayoral poll, which showed the public supporting Mr. Gray over former Mayor Adrian M. Fenty, Ms. Armao engaged in creative writing in an editorial to spin how the District was a better place under Mr. Fenty.

Apparently, Ms. Weymouth and Ms. Armao’s editorial repugnance for Mayor Gray is so deep they are eager to turn the pages on the past, re-create history, or gloss over lack of experience regarding some other District mayoral candidates.

Ms. Weymouth and Ms. Armao have been relentless in publishing editorials and op-ed commentaries critical of ad denouncing Mayor Gray; yet not at any time has this newspaper published similar series of op-ed pieces or letters to the editor supporting Mayor Gray.

When or if there are labor disputes in the between The Washington Post and its unions or lawsuits against its it new owner, Mr. Jeff Bezos; will Ms. Weymouth and Ms. Armao be transparent and answer all questions about their newspaper's management conduct?

Ms. Weymouth and Ms. Armao should entertain their own newspaper “apology tour” for the editorial subterfuge it practices.

Ms. Weymouth and Ms. Armao’s expositions of ethics, character, and leadership come defined in cerebral somersaults and hijinks. But what can you expect from a newspaper editorial board which might be intellectually “sniffing too much ink” or “smelling itself too much?”

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