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Turning the corner


A Detroit neighborhood group has a plan that will help eliminate blight in the city. The group (interesting enough) includes parolees and probationers who either live in the area, or, who have committed crimes in the neighborhood.

The Pinehurst Block Club cleanup effort is scheduled from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday on the city's northwest side.
The group will remove trash, plant flowers, cutting grass, and board up abandoned buildings. Many Detroiter’s have become accustomed to seeing probationers and parolees picking up trash on the highways and freeways around the city and now the city is set to expand its restorative practices.

Detroit has its share of abandoned buildings and blight throughout the city; however, with the city currently dealing with its massive money woes, maybe this is a way of addressing some of the city’s neighborhood issues. Notwithstanding, it would most certainly offer parolees and probationers the opportunity to accumulate community service hours.

Former Mayor and Hall of Fame great Dave Bing once said “If we all do something…together we can get it done.” So why not parolees and probationers? After all, they have most certainly done their part to bring about the desolation and degradation that has become a fixture within the city. It is time for everyone to give something back.

Detroit is moving forward and will emerge from bankruptcy stronger than ever. Homes are being sold in the city daily. New construction going up, blighted buildings being tore down, street lights on, and school districts reducing deficits. Not to mention new business’ relocating to Detroit.
But to sustain such momentum would require Detroiter’s to step their game up. We can no longer tolerate corruption in any public office. No more illegal dumping in the streets. We must repeal the “snitches get stitches” neighborhood law and work with law enforcement to drive criminals out and bring neighbors in.

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