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Turning negative self-talk around can lead to an extraordinary life of happiness

Negative self-talk is such an easy habit to fall into that if can become a harmful standard operating procedure for your thinking patterns.

Sixteen year old speaks about youth empowerment to 16,000 students and educators at the first We Day California at ORACLE Arena on March 26, 2014 in Oakland, California..
Photo by Steve Jennings
What we say to ourselves can effect the outcome of our goals.
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Whatever type of self-sabotaging flavor you choose to engage in, the fact is, it’s destructive to self-esteem, confidence and happiness.

“Rethinking the way we think to overcome this damaging self-chatter in our thoughts is critical to make the most of a happy life,” said life coach Jack Dennis with My Action Potential (MAP) at a recent seminar on happiness and life energy in San Antonio, Texas.

“Negative self-talk is an erosion of who you truly are and with each unsuccessful effort, you prove to yourself that you can’t or should do the things you want,” explained Dennis.

“It doesn’t take long before you start spiraling down into a perpetual whirlpool of frustration, anger and discouragement with yourself,” Dennis added. “Then you are trapped, unless you can break free.”

What’s the solution?

The best results come from changing the way we think about stress, problems and worries, according to Dennis, who adds this advice:

Our beliefs can drastically change how we react to things and what emotions we have. If we actually believe we can’t do something, the odds are we won’t. Changing our beliefs can transform the outcome.

If our belief is that our failures, stresses and worries are something we can use as a tool to learn from and achieve something, we increase the probabilities for success. By turning our thinking around, by “reframing” or using these obstacles and concerns to our advantage, we can fundamentally react and improve toward more positive results.

Live in the moment instead of dwelling on problems are being stuck in the past.

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