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Turning Flappy Bird into a Kickstarter to Help Teach Engineering

If you are a mobile phone gamer, you might have heard about the Flappy Bird craze in the past month. Flappy Bird was an immensely popular app that was pulled by its creator from the app store. Someone took matter into her own hands and turned the digital app into a physical game kit that anyone can make, now you can get the kit on Kickstarter. The Flappy Box –DIY Game Kit contains everything you need to make your own Flappy Bird arcade, including a plug-and-play PCB board, the electronics, construction materials, and a step-by-step guide to help put it together. There’s also the opportunity to expand upon the physical game idea, creating your own new games to include in the box through the use of templates. You can pledge as little as $1 for the project or more to get the full kit.

The project is much more than just the game, it’s also about engineering and electronics education. Give anyone this kit and you’ll be enabling them to learn about basic electronics and engineering. So if you’ve got a budding engineer in the family, or someone obsessed with Flappy Bird, one of these kits might be just the thing to trigger their interest in creating and making. The Kickstarter creator states “creating a physical game makes the playing experience more approachable. It's no longer just one player and the phone, but people around you are also aware of the game, which invites collaboration and curiosity.”

The project is also very mission driven. For every $5,000 pledged a free engineering and programming workshop will be held for under-served high-school female students.

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