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Turn Your Husband Into a Cuckold With These 7 tips

Turn your husband into a cuckold in 7 steps
Turn your husband into a cuckold in 7 stepsshutterstock

Turning your husband or boyfriend into a cuckold can be one of the most rewarding things you ever do. A successfully cuckolded husband or boyfriend will be completely submissive to you. He will allow you to sleep with whomever you wish, love you unconditionally, satisfy all your sexual cravings and subject himself to any amount of humiliation you desire. But be warned because cuckolding can also be one of the most challenging things you ever do. But after reading this article, it will be clear that cuckolding your boyfriend or husband is not as hard as it seems.

Dictate the rules

You need to set up new rules for your new relationship. But start with few rules so he gets used easily and later build them up and up. Make it clear to him that if he follows your rules he gets rewarded and when he breaks, he gets punished. These rules will remind him always about your dominance in the relationship. A good example of first-time rules include: he must address you as goddess, mistress or cuckoldress, he must do whatever you tell him, he cannot ask for sexual interactions with you or he cannot orgasm without permission.

Don’t give in to his sexual desires

As the cuckoldress, the greatest power you can ever wield over your husband or boyfriend is your sexuality. Therefore, when you deny him sexual relations, he will have the urge to want it all the more. And to make him want it even more, you can dress sexy and flirt with other men to remind him of his position in the relationship. And thereafter reward him with treats of a sexual nature for good behavior.

Make fun of his penis

Tell your boyfriend or husband that he has a small penis that ejaculates too fast hence it does not give you the pleasure you wish to have. Feel free to openly make fun of his penis by calling it demeaning names. You can even give it a trial and masturbate with it to let him know how it feels to be with a larger penis other than your husbands. This will make him think that his penis is inadequate to satisfy your desires.

Get him to relinquish his manliness

Since it is your goal to get your boyfriend or husband to gradually relinquish his manliness, give him a feminine or boyish name. For example if his name is Patrick, you can call him Patty. You can also start commanding him to start wearing female clothing too such as female underwear. Keep him updated always that you don’t see him as a real man but more of a girl because his manhood is too small to make him a real man. Therefore, you should not let him have sexual relations with you except maybe oral – as you would with a female partner.


It is important for you to be strict with your husband or boyfriend if you want to turn him into a cuckold. Take away anything that gives him pleasure and return only when he behaves well with you. Do not be afraid to put him over your knee for a spanking or shout at him. Therefore, be strict in all your interactions with him.

Mention to him the amount of attention you are getting from other men

Start mentioning to your boyfriend or husband the amount of attention you are getting from so many men and watch closely his reaction. Look out whether he acts like he is not threatened at all, possessive or jealous. You can mention this especially when you two are making love more and more to see if it actually turns him on.

Your womanhood

Let your boyfriend or husband know that your vagina should be his new center of his universe. That is, his life should revolve around pleasuring it always. Make him perform oral sex on you constantly when you don’t feel horny. Make him caress it after a long day at work. This will surely turn him into a cuckold.

And finally

Most women struggle a lot cuckolding their husbands or boyfriends and fail because they don’t know how to do it properly. However, if you are deeply intrigued in the cuckolding lifestyle and not sure whether your husband or boyfriend would be a participant of it, this article will be of great help. This short article condenses everything you need to know about how to cuckold your boyfriend or husband. A good place to get started is reading cuckold stories or joining SwingLifestyle. Although the site is for swingers, several cuckold couples join to find a bull, or an alpha male for the wife's cuckolding pleasure.

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