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Turn your dog into a well mannered pooch

Training your puppy or dog can be a challenge. It can be time consuming and requires the patience of both the owner and the dog. Local classes offered around Austin can help take the stress out of dog training, give new ideas, and enforce good behavior.

The Austin Humane Society offers basic obedience classes for dogs and puppies over four and a half months of age. Small class sizes ensure that all dogs enrolled receive close instruction from the Association of Pet Dog Trainers leading the courses. Each class is one hour long, and the course runs for seven weeks. Prices run around 100 dollars for each course. For the complete schedule and contact information on class enrollment, visit the Austin Humane Society's website at:

Buddy's Chance offers several class options from basic manners for dogs or puppies to helping behavior problems such as separation anxiety and aggression. Classes are also available for house training and shy or weary dogs. Training classes can be brought to you with their new in-home program. This organization provides daycare and boarding services as well. Buddy's Chance offers the choice of boarding with training classes included in the duration of your dog's stay (this program is three weeks in length).


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