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Turn your child's handprint and footprint into butterflies

Footprint and handprint butterflies
Footprint and handprint butterflies
Kim Fiscus

This is such a cute and fun way to spruce up your house and create a wonderful memory with your child. All you need is some paper (regular white or poster-board type), black marker, paint brush and paint.

Begin by preparing your work area by placing newspaper or plastic down onto the table. Ask you child what color paint he/she wants. My child chose purple and pink. To make the foot-print butterfly, begin by painting your child's right foot and have them carefully step down on the left side of the paper. The right foot will be the left side of the butterfly. Thoroughly clean the foot and then paint the other foot with the other color (or same color if desired). Place the left foot directly to the right of the first footprint.

To create the hand-print butterfly, paint your child's left hand with the paint and have them carefully press down on the paper. Clean their hand and paint the other hand and press that hand-print to the right of the first hand-print, slightly overlapping the thumbs.

Allow the paint to dry. When completely dry, use the black marker to draw antennae to both butterflies and the butterfly body to the foot-print butterfly. Have your child sign their masterpiece and allow them to proudly display it or give it as a gift to a family member.