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Turn your Android smartphone into a universal remote with SureMote

Your Android phone as a universal remote with SureMote
Photo Courtesy of Tekoia

As a tech writer, I get to see products that are in development that companies plan to release in the months or years to come.

A couple years ago, I saw a company that was trying to develop an app that would turn your smartphone into a remote control for your television. I was underwhelmed.

Tekoia has done it.

SureMote is their universal remote app that works with both Wi-Fi and infrared that debuts at Computex in Taiwan.

The great things about this app:

- Customizable - it works as an app as no browser is needed

- Controls smart media devices and legacy appliances using a choice of the WiFi or the phone’s infrared capability

- Makes use of the LG SmartTV and second screen capability and it works with IR devices like the Roomba

“SureMote is taking the legacy problems of remotes and moving to the future, where the Internet of Things will be controlling so many devices in the home,” said Viktor Ariel, founder and CEO, Tekoia. “With SureMote we are focusing on innovation in the user experience and innovative communication technology to create a universal smartphone remote app designed from a user’s point of view. We do not see the remote as an afterthought so the design is appealing. It is a painkiller solution for both appliance makers and users.”

Tekoia estimates that the typical family has four or more remote controls sitting around, and maybe one lost in the cushions of an old sofa. The SureMote app could cut down the number of remotes you may need to "zero."

Per Tekoia, the SureMote universal remote app:
⦁ Is available from the ⦁ PlayStore free with in-app advertising or for $5 per year without advertising
⦁ Works as is with the smartphone, no additional hardware necessary
⦁ Runs on Android devices with iOS version coming later this year
⦁ Is a standards-based solution supporting UPnP as the main communication protocol, OIPF command set and a secure encryption layer
⦁ Uses the full functionality of the smartphone (voice, keyboard and gesture) to make it a fully functioning, easy-to-navigate remote

SureMote is customizable, easy to use and intuitive. I'm for anything that makes our life easier, and SureMote succeeds in that.

It's like "heaven in your hand," and perfect for appliance makers and users.

SureMote is designed to take advantage of the connected devices and IoT.

This app is ready to go for Android devices and there is an iOS version on the way.

Get it now at:

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