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Turn water into wine with this gadget

A new gadget can turn water into wine in only three days, according to a March 9 report in Business Standard.

The “Miracle Machine”, as this gadget is called, is the brainchild of wine expert Kevin Boyer and entrepreneur Philip James, co-owners of CustomVines, a company that makes custom wine labels. They say that the “Miracle Machine” will turn water into a wine that would sell for as much as $20.00.

Besides water, the other basic ingredients which the home winemaker must add to the machine's fermentation chamber are yeast, grape concentrate and a finishing powder, all available at their upcoming website or through Amazon.

The fermentation chamber uses advanced sensors and other electrical devices like a refractometer and diffuser pumps to create an environment for both the primary and secondary (if necessary) stages of fermentation. Fermentation is the process that, in this case, turns ingredients into wine.

After the ingredients are in the chamber, all you have to do is wait. The machine's smartphone or iPhone app tracks the process and how the wine is developing. This app will the let you know when to add the finishing power that gives the wine its aged flavor. One day after this, the app will let you know the water has turned into wine and is ready to drink.

You can also choose which wine you want to make. Just select the wine that you want from the app and this app will tell you what basic ingredients, besides water, are needed to make it.

For more suggestions about different wines you might like, you can check out the free iPhone app “Hello Vino – Wine Assistant” which gives you wine recommendations for meals and other occasions—based on your taste preferences.

“Miracle Machine” isn't for sale yet, but when it does hit store shelves, you will be able to turn water into tasty wine for less than 500 dollars.

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