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Turn to music to raise your vibration

Music has charms to soothe a savage breast.” So says Almeria in William Congreve’s The Mourning Bride. Who would argue against the power of music to express an emotion, elevate the mood of a celebration, or comfort the sorrowful? The place of music in the human experience is undeniable, but its function in the lives of people may go beyond mere entertainment. Many yogis suggest that singing or chanting specific musical tones and syllables can actually alleviate pain and correct certain maladies. Each of the seven chakras is associated with one of the pitches of a C-Major scale as well as a particular syllable. The Universal “OM” corresponds to the third eye chakra and the pitch standard commonly referred to as 440A. Repetition of the syllable “OM” enables one to maintain mental and emotional calmness. Even the great mathematician Pythagoras suggested that the Sun, Moon, and planets each emit their own unique hum, which he called orbital resonance. Metaphysics believe this “humming of the spheres” has an effect on life on Earth. Clearly music has long been revered not only for its intrinsic artistic value but also for its mystical power.

For those who are dedicated to living a spiritual life and who understand themselves as co-creative beings whose sole purpose is to achieve vibrational alignment with God/Source/Universe, learning to tap into the power of music may reap amazing benefits. The universal Law of Attraction forms the basis of humankind’s creative power in the universe. All human beings send energetic vibration into the universe simply by thinking. Law of Attraction responds to the vibrational energy it receives by sending back more of the same. When one’s thoughts are positive and therefore of a very high vibration, the Universe through Law of Attraction sends abundance, prosperity, well-being, and positive energy. When the vibration sent out is of a low frequency, the result is entirely the opposite. Quite simply, like attracts like; garbage in, garbage out.

By monitoring one’s emotions and intuitive feelings, it is possible to be aware of the vibration being sent to the Universe at any time. Stress, anxiety, depression, and the like are indicators that one’s energy is vibrating at a very low frequency and is thus attracting more of the same – more of what is not wanted. The best way to ensure reception of those things most wanted is to increase the frequency of the vibration that is being sent to the Universe. Abraham-Hicks suggests simply that one seek out the best feeling thought available at any given moment. Music can play a key role in raising the vibration rather quickly. Listening to music that encourages positive thoughts, that inspires foot tapping or dancing, or that fosters delightful day-dreaming truly lifts one’s spirits. And, as spirits lift so do vibrational frequencies.

Technology has now made it possible to access music at any time in any place. Creating a play list for increasing vibrational frequency at a moment’s notice is easy, and highly advisable. Here are 10 songs from my own “Raise My Vibration” playlist:

1. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik by W. A. Mozart

2. Xanadu – Olivia Newton-John

3. Beautiful Day – U2

4. Dreams – The Cranberries

5. Here – Amy Grant

6. Kind & Generous – Natalie Merchant

7. Empire State of Mind – Alicia Keys

8. Song for the Lonely – Cher

9. Here Comes the Sun – The Beatles

10. Friday I’m in Love – The Cure

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