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Turn those love handles into sexy handles

One of the problem areas most people have, when it comes to major weight gain is the stomach. The stomach has three parts which are the lower, upper, and the sides which are also called the love handles. When the stomach is broken down into three parts the hardest part to improve are those love handles. Finding exercises to improve the love handles seem to be a tall order, but they are not. This basic exercise works for what one is trying to accomplish, which is turning love handles into sexy handles.

The basic exercise that has had major success when it comes to improving those sides is called side to sides. One stands up straight, feet shoulder length apart, arms down on their sides, and you move side to side. The back is straight at all times and the object is to go as low with your hands as you can. Some people can go as far as the knee even further and the lowest one can go the better the work out is.

For the people who have time going to the gym, using dumbbells works wonders on improving your sides. That same motion is performed, however when adding weight be prepared to work a little bit harder as this exercise gets tougher.


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