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Turn out for the midterms

Over a month into 2014 and the March 7th deadline for qualifying is around the corner. Midterms are important, and Democrats need to focus as closely on the midterms as they do on the Presidential elections. The past two presidential elections have proven that Democrats know how to win Presidential elections, but the midterms are still elusive.

In 2012 Democrats had 60 percent of voters ages 18-29, according to exit polls. That is a sizable advantage. That age range made up 19 percent of the electorate. In 2010 they only made up 12 percent of the electorate. These younger voters have to be engaged in off year elections in order to win.

Redistricting has already created a built in advantage for the Republicans. They have diluted the Democratic vote to a large degree. The next census may change this , but for not the advantage exist.

Another issue is race. The Republican Party has grown whiter. In off year elections have a whiter turnout. In 1992, white voters were 87 percent of the electorate; today they comprise 72 percent according to National House Exit Polls, compiled by The New York Times and CNN. With more minorities voting, and voting Democratic, these voters must be encouraged to vote in the midterms. It is east to get caught up in Presidential election excitement, but midterms count, too. The minority voters also have to be engaged in order to turn this trend around into a winning strategy for Democrats.

The third key to winning in the midterms is maintaining the advantage with women voters. Every anti-woman piece of legislation proposed needs to be mentioned again and again until people know exactly where the GOP stands on women's rights. They stand firmly opposed to them. They are opposed to equal pay laws and for laws restricting reproductive freedom. All women should care and so should the men who love them.

Women, young voters, and minorities are the key to winning in 2014. The Democrats have a manual instructing them how to attract and turn out these voters. They just have to figure out how to do it when there is no Presidential election at stake.

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