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Turn 10 head details why 'Forza Horizon 2' is on Xbox One and Xbox 360

Ready for Forza Horizon 2?
Ready for Forza Horizon 2?
Permission to use photo given by Microsoft

As it has been a major industry trend in 2014, Forza Horizon 2 is one of many that will be cross-generational. Sure it's to be expected and we have seen some new-generation only titles, but ultimately, it's all the nature of the times and if you are an Xbox 360 player, you should be psyched about Forza Horizon 2 coming out this fall.

It has been a collaborative effort to bring Forza Horizon 2 to life, but business certainly was a driving factor behind the Xbox One and Xbox 360 serving as homes for this new game. Turn 10 creative director Dan Greenawalt detailed why they decided to create Forza Horizon 2 for the Xbox 360, in addition to Xbox One, and added that some features are only available on Xbox One due to the more advanced technology the system possesses.

"There are millions of Xbox 360 consoles out there that people are still playing and enjoying on a daily basis. We wanted as many Forza fans as possible to experience the action-packed fun of Forza Horizon 2 as possible, whether that means on 360 or on the Xbox One.

"The game has been built to take advantage of the Xbox One’s power and architecture. As a result, some of the features – such as dynamic weather – are only possible on the Xbox One," Greenawalt said.

It's only smart business, for this year at least, to continue to release games on both generations. Players are still involved with their older systems, so for a game like Forza Horizon 2, it just makes the most business sense for the game to also be available on Xbox 360.

With all of that said, don't expect the next iteration of Forza Horizon, assuming there is one, to land on any platform but the Xbox One. This is just a phase most publishers are in, and most of this year's fall lineup suggests that. As Ubisoft has already stated, after 2015 it doesn't make as much business sense to support older consoles. 2015 should be the first year of real new-generation only games, but that doesn't mean 2014 won't have some awesome games because it will.

Playground Games and Microsoft are set to launch Forza Horizon 2 exclusively for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 on Sept. 30. Stay tuned for all the latest developments in the meantime.

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