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Turmoil validates what is already declared in God's word

The convergence of events are pointing to a final conflict over God's authority.
The convergence of events are pointing to a final conflict over God's authority.

Yahweh God’s inspired word through the anointed 66 prophets has been doubted throughout generations of Biblical history. From the confrontations of an Egyptian pharaoh to the very doubts of the Jews own prophets by the religious leaders depicted in thousands of years of history, the cross section of resistance to God’s declared word is thoroughly documented.

Those today fully persuaded of the Bible’s inerrancy plus anointed by the Holy Spirit have difficulty dealing with the frustration of those still having veils over their heart and walking after their own lusts. It is easy to forget that a newly generated spirit assists greatly to empower enlightened believers from further being deceived by the forces of darkness.

It is nearly impossible to reason unbelievers into the light, or to scare them into the light because the Bible clearly states that the word of truth is foolishness to those perishing and a stumbling block to those listening.

Between Gentile and Jew, the message of Christ makes no sense to the Greeks who were repulsed by the ugliness of the cross. The Greeks worshiped beauty and the image of the cross defied their understanding.

To the Jew, the saying of “cursed is a man that hangeth on a tree” represented rejection and no way could their promised Messiah be subjected to such brutal treatment or punishment. It was madness.

Christ Himself declared, “I have not come to bring peace, but a sword” which properly deciphered stipulated that separation would result to believers, not only from family or friends, but from anyone that opposes God’s authority. The defining result of following Christ would be turmoil, persecution, and hatred directed towards Jesus’ followers.

This is not a happy-clappy message preached from the pulpits of the Christian churches which promise prosperity and a trouble free lifestyle if one follows the teachings of Christ. Nobody wants to hear that rejection ultimately is the reward from those preferring the values of the world.

Keeping oneself unspotted from the world is a difficult undertaking as good becomes evil and evil becomes good as articulated in the Holy Scriptures. Incorporating the world’s standards into the church will grow divisions from bad seeds which will germinate chaos and confusion. This is already assisting in the great apostasy taking place as the church is becoming exactly like the world in morality and standards.

The convergence of prophetic utterances is painting a mosaic that pieces together every declared circumstance proclaimed thousands of years prior; from geopolitical happenings, church and social breakdowns, struggles among religions, to the final resolution of Israel. There is unfinished business in the Middle East and only the Bible lays the real roadmap to peace and what is going to happen.

Naturally doubters and skeptics vainly declare as in ages past that all of this is preposterous, however their skepticism is also declared in the Bible so it really should come as no surprise to learned Scripture scholars.

These babblers play a highly insignificant role to the real drama even a blind man can see beginning to take place in this final curtain of human history.

Does it cause one’s heart to grow faint? There’s a reason for that too.

There’s a storm coming.

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