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Turkish Towel Company: Review

Turkish Towel Company
Turkish Towel Company
Turkish Towel Company

The Turkish Towel Company offers for your bathing and showering delight, the Essence Bath Sheet. This piece retails for $50.00. We did not receive the guest towel. Rather, we received the bath and the hand towels in a stunning Scarlet.

While the set is beautiful and comfortable to the touch, it did bleed onto our nice, otherwise white set of towels. We washed the Turkish Towel set in cold water and still, they bled.

Otherwise, we like the bath and the hand towels. 'Course, we now see, as listed on the instructions, that colors are to be washed separately. Okay, they gave us a warning. They did.

After a second washing, the towel has faded a little more and is now sporting a run. Nice. What was once beautiful and soft is now, slightly faded with a run. However, those things happen. They do. This is still a beautiful towel and hand towel.

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