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Turkish Airlines looking out for flyers with new line of healthy beverages

New healthy beverages are being offered by Turkish Airlines
New healthy beverages are being offered by Turkish Airlines
Photo Courtesy of Turkish Airlines

Not only was Turkish Airlines recently voted Europe's best airline for the fourth straight year, they are looking out for their flyers.

Turkish is all about spreading its highly regarded inflight catering with new healthy beverages.

Thanks to Dr. Ender Saraç and THY DO & CO, Turkish Airlines will now offer hot and cold herbal teas aboard flight. These teas can help relieve the stress, indigestion and insomnia while inthe air and once passengers land.

New beverages menu will be introduced and the menu will change every three months according to the seasons.

Per Turkish Airlines, here is what one of their beverage menus could look like:

Turkish Airlines’ Healthy Beverages Sample Menu and their Benefits

Winter Tea (Linden, Ginger, Echinacea, Clove, Cinnamon): Clears the upper respiratory tract, inhibits coughing. Strengthens the immune system and protects agaınst colds and flu.

Chamomile, Sour, Cherry, Lavender: Relaxes the nervous system, reduces stress and induces drowsiness for comfortable, quality rest. The human body releases melatonin naturally with the help of chamomile, and the effect of jet-lag may also be relieved.

Fennel, Anise, Caraway: Good for intestinal cramping, bloating and constipation. The anise relieves pain and reduces bloating.

Mate, Sage, Ginger: İncreases energy and mental alertness as well as protects against germs. The ginger inhibits coughing and strengthens the immune system.

Green Tea, Cherry Stalk, Corn Silk, Clove: Reduces the swelling that can occur during air travel. The corn silk acts as a diuretic, and the clove is a natural painkiller.

The new beverage menu also applies to children.

There will be a drink developed for children that contains no preservatives, artificial coloring, sugar, acid or corn syrup.

What it does contain is carob powder, bitter cocoa and date syrup combined with natural fresh milk.

The drink contains proteins as well as vital minerals like iron and calcium to strengthen bones, and allow growth.

I love these healthy alternatives for all travelers.

Great move by Turkish Airlines.

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