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Turkey wrong again: Forget a raid, Israel should have blown up fake 'humanitarian aid' flotilla ship



  • Memi 5 years ago

    Jamal, yet another insightful, considered and poignant comment...

    Your comment on TURKEY'S GENOCIDE OF ARMENIANS AND GREEKS in 1915 and 1922 (seen the movie "1922" in greek subtitles? It was watched by the Haddasah Chapter and sponsored by Canadian-Greek and Canadian-Armenians. The audience was primarily Jewish, Greek and Armenian. These 3 are kindred spirits and udnerstand the terrible atrocities committed by the Turkish barbarians throughout the ages!

    Obama's lack of spine/ and resolve (not to mention the obvious--EXPERIENCE!) is disgusting as is his protection of Timmy Geithner and Larry Sexist Summers' refusal to punish the Goldman Sachs clowns of disaster finance!

    Obama should man-up gather his puny little courage and name the TURKISH GENOCIDE OF INNOCENT CIVILIANS (2 million of them) as written in Morgentau's diaries--the American Ambassador in Constantinopole (Turkish 'Istanbul;).

    The Turks are known for their brutality,b Palestinians should be treated

  • Memi 5 years ago

    ....Although Turks are well known and branded by their historical Brutality, still the Palestinians should be allowed to live in their owns homes without the Fascist State of Israel denying them their basic human rights--under Bibi Nyetanhu it has become a farce of a democracy.

    Israelis lost a wonderful chance to solve the Palestinian issue by electing this brute Neytanhu and ignoring Tzipi Livni. She would have been a great leader, and Hillary Clinton would have resolved the issue for sure. It takes guts to do this, and a tremendous amount of empathy and compassion and intelligence....Obama just doesn't have any of these talents.
    Way above the guy's "paygrade"....

  • xexon 5 years ago

    The fact that this incident occurred in international waters, against civilians, is an act of piracy under international law.

    The use of deadly force is authorized against all attackers on the high seas. That includes Israeli commandos trying to take a ship outside their territorial waters. We have laws against this kind of thing for a reason.

    The fact it was a state ordered attack implicates the Israeli leadership.

    But you are right about Turkey. But are you prepared to accept that it's the zionist government of Israel, rather than the people themselves so much?

    They're fed the same crap we are, you know.

    But the truth is coming out about racist, apartheid Israel.

    And it's going to shock American Christianity when it does.

    Kind of all goes downhill after that.


  • RSBL 5 years ago

    You should move to Israhell douchebag and leave MY country you traitor.

  • RSBL 5 years ago

    I wonder if they should have kept killing the americans on the USS Liberty as well. You need to be sent to Israel so you can see how they treat you goyim...shmuck. You are an animal to them shmuck, go ahead and read the Tora shmuck then come back and side with them you moron. Israel is a racist state, go ahead, see for yourself dumbass.

  • RSBL 5 years ago

    There was also a holocaust survivor on one of those ships, there was also an american retired colonel you traitor, there was also a nobel peace prize laureate, you have no credibility retard, go dig a hole and stick your face in it.

  • RSBL 5 years ago

    When you realize Israel hates us more than the arabs do, you may just wake up, until then, leave my country and kindly go to Israel you love so much...there were americans ON BOARD! You betray your own country? The US was attacked by Israel, they were flying an american flag that means in international waters, it is american territory, you are a piece of garbage and like genocide and mass murder...stay out of my neighborhood retard.

  • RSBL 5 years ago

    "Anyone will an ounce of common sense can plainly see that this flotilla was on its way to deliver ramparts and armaments to Hamas and "

    And your proof is? NOTHING, you are a propagandist and a liar, Turkish customs already debunked that lie. Israel lies constantly and you want to believe habitual and phsycopathic liars? You are a stupid person.

  • RSBL 5 years ago

    They had medicine on board to help the children that Israel showered with illegal white phosphorous, or did you forget THAT little gem.

  • RSBL 5 years ago

    Memi, whether oblama or hitlery was president it wouldnt change anything from what Bush was attention now because this may be over YOUR paygrade.....the president is not in charge, the bankers and corporations as well as Israel are in charge, we stopped having a legitimate government if the people a long time ago...or have you not been paying attention. I cant stand stupid people anymore, your more dangerous than standing armies....wake up idiots!

  • CJL 4 years ago

    i agree that Israel is full of fascists thieving zionists liars, however the name calling and insulting will only make your argument look ignorant.

  • Tsap 5 years ago


    Seek help immediately if you're head hasn't exploded already. You sound scary and unhinged, and you probably have mental issues.

    Good luck with that, and stay away from small children.

  • Harbinger 5 years ago

    Looks like RSBL had too much coffee today.

  • Tar balls 5 years ago

    The NEXT boat of terrorists WILL be sunk, not boarded.

  • xexon 5 years ago

    Maybe we'll have to cut Israel's allowance?

    To make our point clear to you that we the American people do not approve of your heavy handedness with the billions in "aid" we GIVE you every year.

    For 62 years now.

    It's time you got off the nipple and go your own way, because if you're not weaned by now, you're not likely to make it anyhow.

    End US aid to Israel.


  • WTH 5 years ago

    The headline is ridiculous, this website has no credibility, this article a sham, and you are a tool. You are just as worse as the terrorist saying to blow up the ship? WTH man this is absolutely uncalled for.

  • John Frykman 5 years ago

    RBSL, why don't send your resume to the Examine? Then you could write your own column while you masturbate. You have an inflated sense of your own intellect or you wouldn't post SEVEN comments to one article. Do you inhale your own flatus, too?

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